Who are We?

Robin Stern is our Chief Guru. He has been in the tech industry for over 35 years, from assembling printed circuit boards to owning / running a thriving computer business. A 15-year user of Google Business and a High Impact Partner in the Grow with Google program for 7 years

#yourgoogleguru This is Robin Stern, Chief Guru.  #instigatorofaha #googlebusinessprofile

Cat Herd is our Google Goddess. She is a social marketing specialist and is the reason we look so good online. Her company Purple Panda Creative Marketing can really make an impact on your views and clicks

Tyler heads up our tech division iluvmygeek. He makes sure we have all the hardware we need to keep YOUR Guru powering through!

Kevin Urbina is a photo / video freak that owns Media Titan. (the name says it all). He is the reason most of our videos look so freaking good (as long as he can keep us from doing our own video work) Check him out at: https://www.mediatitan.net/

YOUR Google Guru, a division of iluvmygeek

Dallas, GA




Looking for us online?

Just Google the hashtag #yourgoogleguru. You will find all things related to our brand. (This is another neat little trick we teach you in branding your business - ask us about this today!)