About Robin C. Stern

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Who is Robin C. Stern?

Robin C. Stern is a professional speaker, author, coach and mentor. He has been in the tech industry for over 35 years, from assembling printed circuit boards to owning / running a thriving computer business. A 17-year user of Google Business and a High Impact Partner in the Grow with Google program for 10 years

At 18 he joined the United States Marine Corps to pursue a career in aviation electronics where his troubleshooting skills became the focus of his abilities.

In 2007 he started iluvmygeek.com in a suburb of Atlanta, GA and is approaching a 7-figure yearly sales volume in a small brick and mortar store.

In 2022 he decided to help other companies and entrepreneurs to leverage all of Google's free products and services and is now known as Your Google Guru. His book - "Using Google's Free S#!t: Growing Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond" published in 2023 has allowed him to reach a larger audience and now his dynamic speaking and presenting style has him in high demand to deliver keynote speeches worldwide.

YOUR Google Guru, a division of iluvmygeek

Dallas, GA




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