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YOUR Google Guru!

What do we do?

Show you how to use all the FREE products and services Google has for your business

Train you to understand and utilize marketing concepts for your business

Differentiate you from the crowd as we explain advertising vs branding

Help you to analyze what you are paying for marketing, website and email

Help you to look at Branding and Marketing from a customer's perspective: How are your perfect customers searching for you?

Educate you in actionable items so you can implement your to do list and attain your goals!

Lower your costs and give you knowledge (knowledge = power)

Help you start making video content and learning how to use it!

YOUR Google Guru, a division of iluvmygeek

Dallas, GA



Looking for us online?

Just Google the hashtag #yourgoogleguru. You will find all things related to our brand. (This is another neat little trick we teach you in branding your business - ask us about this today!)